Nothing exemplifies the creed of "Service Before Self" more than our family members who have served in our Armed Forces.
After enlisting, much of what happens is the luck of the draw. Therefore, we don’t rank their service based on their classifications or whether they were ever in harms way.
Instead, we honor them equally for their willingness to serve.

The American Revolutionary War

  Van Rensselaer’s N. Y. Regiment:
• Frederick Hellicas (The name became Halicus)
• Christian Hellicas
• Lodewick Hellicas
Col. Jacob Klock’s Regiment:
• Gottlieb Nestel
• Martin Nestel

The War of 1812

  • Jesse Heligass, Prior’s Reg., New York Militia

The Civil War (Union Army)

  These veteran's medals were available to children of Civil War veterans after the war. They were distributed by a group known as The Grand Army of the Republic Union Veterans. The group's name changed at various times and was also known as Sons of Veterans, and Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. (Ollie Speraw is in possession of his grandfather's veteran's Civil War medal.) • William Lang, Killed, 26th Illinois Infantry
• John Lang, Wounded, 26th Illinois Infantry
• William Kraemer, 26th Illinois Infantry
• William Speraw II, Wounded, 92nd Illinois Infantry
• Jacob Halicus, Co. G, 157th New York Infantry
• John O’Connor, Co. A, Missouri Cavalry
• Owen O’Connor, 1st Lt.,173rd, NYSV
• Marten O’Conner, Company F, 2nd Cavalry
• David Collins, Co. J 118th NY Inf., POW 4 months

World War I

  • Joseph Wagner, France - Front line.

World War II

  • John Speraw, Navy Aircraft
• Howard Speraw, Navy
• Ollie Speraw, Army Air Corps, CBI
• Robert Speraw, Army Air Corps
• James "Jim" Halicus, Navy

The Korean War

  • John Speraw, Reenlisted Army

The Viet Nam War

  • Roger Speraw, Army - Purple Heart

The First Gulf War (Operation Desert Storm)


The Afgan War (Operation Enduring Freedom)

  • Sergeant Jerry J. Speraw USAF from Feb 1994 – Present
  Postings in Korea, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait;
  Iraq and Afghanistan (4 tours, Military Police)

The Second Gulf War (Operation Iraqi Freedom)


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